Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Save Our Christian Culture; Have More Babies

Found this disturbingly interesting video on Giovanni's World. Funny how the makers of the video end up missing the point and the solution. Take the time to watch. Our country's survival may depend upon it.

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Dawn said...

Well, what are we to do? If it is irreversible than what's the point?
I didn't find any answers to the projected "problem".

Maurisa said...

Their solution is evangelization. It is nearly impossible to convert muslims from their faith because it is so fear based. Obviously we should evangelize our own nation, but the real solution is to boost fertility rates, especially among the Christian population.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mau I don't know about you but my "fertility rate" is through the roof! I am all for increasing the Christian population and the means that are needed to make it happen. That is "Patriotism I Can Believe In!" Obviously what we Christians need to do is throw more bibles at the "infedels". If we keep hitting them with those huge King James versions...you know that weigh 40 pounds and need a dolly to wheel around...they will convert in a heartbeat.

Hopefully you caught my tongue and cheek response.

Love ya Mau

Your Bro

Katie said...

This is not on topic, but I love the new signature!

Tonya said...

Doing my part! :-)