Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's Out of My Hands Now

Thursday night our second born was Confirmed. It was a beautiful Mass and Stat Boy did us proud, even answering a catechism question from the Bishop correctly. He chose Saint Christopher as his Confirmation Saint. He chose that particular Saint because he wanted to have a martyr and Saint Christopher is the patron of sports. Stat Boy even appeared to enjoy doing the research on his Saint and writing his report; amazing! We are so proud of our boy. As he was anointed it occurred to me that it is all out of my hands now. My boy is on his own and will be responsible for making his Faith his own. All I can do is pray for him, love him and put inspirational writings into his hands. Ah free will, that two edged sword!

Stat Boy's sponsor is a well loved family friend who is also Baby Wingnut's godfather. I watched as this admirable man stood up with our son and whispered in his ear these words of encouragement, "Your shoes are untied." Yep, he's got the same wicked sense of humor Stat Boy has. He was the perfect choice.

Stat Boy's incredible godmother also made the trek to watch her godson be confirmed. We really could not have chosen a better example or prayer warrior for our boy. We know we can always depend on her to pray and make sacrifices for the good of our son's soul. We are truly blessed.

I didn't get a photo of Stat Boy in his red robe. In lieu of that photo I asked if I could just smell his head. There are few scents sweeter than Holy Chrism. He thought I was kidding. I wasn't. He and Karate Kid protested my embarrassing behavior. Stat Boy did finally relent and wiped his brow with his hand and let me sniff the Holy Chrism on his hand. He has a very grateful mother, even if she is a little nuts.
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Dawn said...

Congratulations! Isn't it amazing! I wish that my second could have been at Sacred Heart to make his confirmation. There is something so special about that parish. You have two very holy priests there. Congrats and blessings in abundance!

sam said...

questionable sponsor!!!+JMJ+

Anonymous said...

Be careful StatNut...your mother is crazy and next she will want to smell your armpits...she's a sucker for old spice! CONGRATS ON YOUR CONFIRMATION...YOU ARE A GOOD MAN!

The Big UW

aka the Mom said...

Congratulations to you and your son. What an exciting time for your family.