Monday, May 4, 2009

The Godmother

Do you have friends you can go years without seeing and then when you do get together it is like you haven't spent a day apart? Those are the best kind of friends. The Godmother is one of those kinds of friends. We were blessed to have her here for the weekend, celebrating Stat Boy's Confirmation with us. She is totally awesome and we enjoyed being able to spend some time with her after so much time apart. She is so special to us and was instrumental during our journey entering the Church. She was my sponsor when I was Confirmed and was the natural choice to be the Godmother of our first son. Her family--especially her parents--is one of those warm, friendly, lovely, southern type families that make you feel 100% welcome in their home and actually make you want to be officially adopted into it. On top of it all we know she is an absolute prayer warrior for our son and for that we are eternally grateful.

This was Baby Wingnut's first time meeting The Godmother and through him we have a new nickname for her. He affectionately calls her "Miss Muffin". So, if you're reading this "Miss Muffin", we love you!

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Anonymous said...

I love that Baby Wingy...Miss Muffin!!! It's good to see that StatNut has a prayer warrior for him. His uncle didn't have look at him...couldn't predict a college basketball game if his sister's life depended on it. Ask Miss Muffin if she makes a good lemon poppyseed!!!

Love ya Mau!

Your Bro!

ang said...

Miss Muffin loves the Mayerles! And regarding the lemon poppyseed, the answer is yes. I received all of my recipes from your (our) sister. Man, can that Lady bake!