Thursday, May 14, 2009

Little is Much

I'm feeling much better this week. The weather has been much dryer. I am ready for Thursday's Small Successes!

1) We went to the park twice this week. Baby Wingnut's first words each morning are, "It's a beautiful day today?" If I say it is indeed a beautiful day, he knows we are going to the park. He loves his outdoor time!

2) My loving husband is out of town again this week. Nevertheless, I still made the bed every day this week. I do have a tendency to let things slide a bit when he is traveling. At least I kept our bedroom a haven, even though he is not here to enjoy it.

3) I cut out all artificial colors, flavors, and petroleum based preservatives from Special K's diet. I've needed to do it for a while, but I finally buckled down and did it. Miraculously, we have had a very, very good week. This really might be the key to her outbursts. I've also changed the way in which I address her undesirable behavior, partly because I realized it only perpetuated her tantrums, and partly because I think I finally understand why this is happening to her. She is such a special, sweet, and loving girl and I could not bear that she has been having such a hard time behavior wise. I am praying and hoping this is finally the answer. I am feeling very hopeful, as another side effect of eliminating "artificials" from her diet has been she has had 3 dry nights in a row. At seven, she is the oldest we've had still in pull-ups at night. I've promised to keep my three faithful readers up to date on the progress of our "Feingold" experiment.

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Sarah said...

I'm finding this interesting. I'm sorry for all the suffering. That is what it is. How do you go about finding out what is and what isn't artificial? Just 'cos it sounds like we're all eating crap, I want to get it out of my house, too. My oldest is a teen, but I have a sneaking suspicion his diet is culprit as well.

Maurisa said...


I am reading the labels and looking for key words like: artificial color, caramel coloring, red dye # 3, artificial flavoring, vanillin(an artificial flavor very common in foods that we might otherwise over look), and the three petroleum based preservatives(for now) BHT, BHA, and THBQ that have been indicated as major culprits in behavior problems in children.

This is the bare minimum suggested by the Feingold program there is a much larger list that may need to be eliminated over time if needed including natural salicylates that are found in many fresh fruits and veggies that some folks may have a sensitivity to. Actually the Feingold program suggests removing salicylates from the diet at the same time as the artificial stuff, but I was not quite prepared to go that far. Time will tell if we need to go that route.

So far we've had to get rid of the following staples in Special K's diet: Nutella, graham crackers, Cheez Its, Gold Fish, fruit chews, Nestle chocolate chips (more expensive types of chocolate have no artificial garbage in them), certain cereals (Cheerios are ok) and every flavor of Rita's Ice with the exception of Alex's Lemonade.

Sarah said...

From your list of get rid ofs, I don't have any of them. I used to eat Nutella until my butt got larger. No more of that stuff. Everything else on that list we never buy. I bet the Fruit Loops have stuff in it, though. Usually we only have cocoa puffs and wheat cereals these days. But, wow, it's the patroleum thing that grosses me out, though.

Maurisa said...

Yeah, I'd think Fruit Loops and Cocoa Puffs would be on the no-no list. If it doesn't look natural, it most likely isn't natural. You should peruse your pantry, you might be surprised what is lurking there!

I also forgot to mention that most "processed" meats, such as sausages, hot dogs, pepperoni, and deli meat had to be eliminated. It makes lunch a bit of a trick, as they usually make their own. I've been making scrambled eggs for her and she seems to enjoy those, but I'd love some other suggestions for lunch!

Party of Eight said...

Great job, Maurisa! We have had some beautiful days this week.

matthew archbold said...

It's heartbreaking to see a wonderful child acting out. You know it's not how they want to be and they're essentially calling on you to help them.
Thanks for sharing.

ViolinMama said...

what a week you've had! Great job on helping Special K - that is so hard, and I'm really proud of you and your parenting.

God Bless!!!

Catholic Mommy Brain said...

Nice work on number 3! I'm sure that was a big hurdle to face, so great job!

Walter said...

I think offering synthetic food to our kids is a wonderful unnatural way to love them. The more we feed them "garbage" the happier they are and the more they may end up being a TV celeberty on shows like the Biggest Loser or Celebrity Fit Club. By cutting out those artificial colors and preservatives Mau you are holding your child back from being a STAR!!!! Why have fit, healthy and happy now for Kitty Kat when she can have years of misery and ridicule to one day rise from the ashes and discover the beauty that has always been there but needed national television and a quarter of a million dollars to coax it out. The best lunch ideas I have for you are: Domini's (going there tomorrow!!!); Lunchables, Kraft Mac N Cheese, Spaghetti Os; anything Chef Boyrdee (however you spell it) makes...that ought to spike her anger meter!

Maurisa said...

My dear brother,
You are so funny, not! I hope those reading my blog do not take you seriously! I know you mock my pain because you are going through the same thing with one of your precious little girls. Laughter can be the best medicine. Keep on making me laugh!


Walter said...


Love ya Mau

Your Bro

Tonya said...

Your THREE faithful readers? Hmm, looks like you don't know your audience. :-)

No Nutella? How ever will she live? Keep us updated. I'm afraid I'll have to do something like this. Although, if it could make Josiah pleasant to live with. Wow, I can't even imagine. Googling the Feingold diet now...