Friday, May 22, 2009

Then Again, Maybe He Is

Baby Wingnut loves to join in our homeschool lessons. He'll draw on the dry erase board. He'll practice his numbers. He'll link up linking cubes. By far, his favorite "subject" is states and capitals flash cards. Special K and Skoshi A have been working on them for the better part of the year and we have just recently added the final four states and capitals to their list.

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about my mistaken notion that Baby Wingnut had actually picked up some of the knowledge just by sitting in the lessons with us. Recently, that perceived mistake has become a reality. He really has learned several states and capitals and can point several states out on a map. At this point, he correctly identifies about 10 states and capitals, with Texas, Mississippi, and North Carolina being his favorites. He becomes distraught if one the girls beats him to the answers of his favorite three states and alternately taunts his sisters if he beats them to the punch. Lording it over them with, "I got Texas, and you didn't! Sorry!"
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Party of Eight said...

Here is a cool site that Ryan showed me!

Walt said...

Hey Mau...

It's not Baby Wingy's knowledge that impresses me it's his ability to taunt properly that makes me love that little man. Rubbing in your superior intellect is an artform and BW is well on his way to making his UW the proudest uncle on the planet. I am a little concerned with Shorty having the Robin Hood special edition Archery set in such close quarters. BW can one day find himself in mid taunt when there is a sudden sharp pain in the hindquarters...(chime in Forrest Gump... "I just got shot in the buttocks...they said it was a million dollar wound but I haven't seen a dime of it"). I have no moral problem with Shorty owning such weapons I just question whether her emotional stability and being 16 might be an issue. I think sock em bop ems would have been a better choice. As for Stat Nut...Yes we agree on the Mariners and I am a smarter man for choosing to be on your side...don't get cocky because I will have no problem giving you a beat down while you are visiting this Summer!!! Just ask your mother and sissy about that!

Love to you all...special kisses and hugs to Angelina the Ballerina, Little O and Kitty Kat who have not been individually named in this post! And of course to the big Nut Wing!!!

Love Ya Mau

Your Bro

Arty4ever said...

For a fun way to always remember the 50 states and capitals, check out: