Friday, April 24, 2009

Why the 'Burbs are NOT for ME

I grew up in the country on what one might call a small farm. We had chickens, rabbits, turkeys, a 1/2 acre garden, and cats, lots and lots of cats; but that's a different post. Since being married we have owned two houses; one in the suburbs of Oklahoma City and the other here in the DC area.

One aspect of living in one of these "communities" is the home owners association you are required to belong to and pay dues to. The one we currently belong to normally isn't too bad. Our dues are only $35 a month and they have been that price for the last 8 years or so. $35 is really very good considering the beautiful landscaping of the communal property as well as the well maintained playgrounds, stocked ponds, and groomed walking paths.

Recently our association went all tyrannical. We got a nasty gram regarding the discoloration of our siding and were ordered to have it cleaned within 30 days and then contact the association president once our home was once again in compliance. Now, don't get me wrong. We are out of compliance, but we just recently noticed the "green growth" ourselves and were waiting for nicer weather to have it cleaned. It has been winter here recently and lately we've had more rainy days than sunny. Really I would have expected a nasty gram possibly in May at the earliest. Anyway, now I'm stressing over what other violations we may have. Do we have too many weeds? Is our grass too long? Do we need to trim the bushes?

I need a place where I can get away; far, far away from the suburbs.
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Dawn said...

I hear ya Mau. My sister deals with the same sort of tyrannical HOA. Hers is even worse at times. Must be the California sun.
In our house hunting we have been trying to stay away from "neighborhoods" to avoid the whole HOA thing. It's not that easy. Even in some older established neighborhoods here (houses built in the 60's and 70's) there are HOA's in place. One way to fix for President! Than you can make the decision to send out a nasty gram or not. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mau now do you see??? Socialism/Communism has been alive and well for years in our country under the guise of HOAs...and many have been actually paying for it!

Love Ya

Your Bro

Tonya said...

We ended up in a HOA here. Not what we wanted, but the house we wanted happened to be in a HOA so we went with it. I think we're both regretting it! Eric wanted to put a shed in - the HOA won't let us put one in that large ... Or too close to the fence ... It has to be painted the same color as the house ... And a lot more bull****. We've also gotten notices because we had a vehicle parked in a "non-parking" spot - the gravel on the side of the house. YUCK. First and last HOA we will live in!!! Give me the sticks! I hate rules. :-)

maxbrucewell said...

Well well it has been a long time since G.G. grew up on the North Dakota prairies and once a year took the lumber wagon 40 miles to Williston. Things have really changed!

Love Dad