Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Dreamed of India

I am often surprised at what a cultural Mecca our little community can be. This last weekend we met our friends at the local performing arts center to enjoy an afternoon of traditional Indian dance and music. Our generous friend brought outfits for all of my girls to wear to help get them in the spirit. They were so excited to be able to wear traditional dress. They looked like Indian princesses.

The dancers were truly amazing. It was a shame they only performed two dances. I was floored by the movements they had to have memorized. Every step, hand gesture, finger position, head turn, facial expression and eye movement is intricately choreographed and must be performed meticulously. One of the dances was nearly 30 minutes long!

The second portion of the program was performed by a master sitar player, accompanied by a tabla and another instrument that I did not catch the name of, but looked similar to a sitar. The instrumentalists were incredible, but after about 40 minutes of sitar music the little girls got a bit restless. Thankfully there was plenty for them to look at and admire in the vestibule while the rest of our party enjoyed the end of the program.

Oleander, Special J, Special K, Skoshi A and Karate Kid all decked out.

Waiting patiently for the program to begin. Just like little princesses should.

Special K and Special J had had enough of sitting still. I took several shots of the two admiring the Sari display.
I'm not sure little princesses should be running around like maniacs, but it was a beautiful sight watching the two of them in their revelry.

Special buds hamming it up for the camera.
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Anonymous said...

ahhh...those cute little natives! Their uncle loves them. Shocking to see the Kitty Kat hamming it up she is so reserved. I think I have some Indian in me (I love cous cous).

What is this...girls month on the old Mayerle blog. We need some Testosterone!

Love ya sis

Your Bro!