Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tell Me, Should I Worry?

Stat Boy and Oleander have been taking a creative writing course.  Stat Boy has always been a reluctant writer and this course, being taught by an outside instructor, seemed like a perfect solution.  Once a week I drop the two of them off at a friend's home and then pick them up again an hour and a half later.  They actually seem to really be enjoying the class, as they talk of nothing else on the drive home. The instructor has had them working on poetry this semester, and when my two got into the van this week they were breathless with mirth over their poetry submissions.  

Dark Cabinet 
by JP

My heart is a dark cabinet
Its interior locked and dark
Cobwebs sit in the pointy corners
Organized slots from A to Z

The corners are pointy
The inside is musty and hollow
Small, boring, and ugly.
Its outside is gray and drab.

It feels hard and rusty
Smelling metallic and old
When you talk into it
All you get is your own echoes.

Worried yet?  How about this one:

A Beautiful Morning
by OJ

A beautiful morning starts with muffins and hot cocoa.
A morning like this should not be wasted with playing.
A beautiful morning must have rain.
On a beautiful morning, 
Kill a pig for breakfast.

Now tell me, if your children wrote poetry like this, would you be worried? Or would you be glad they are enjoying themselves and enjoying writing so much?
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Rob said...

i'd be more worried about the friend whose house you are dropping them off at for the class ;)

as long as they aren't sticking their heads in a gas oven ala Sylvia Path then you are cool

ps - i love pig for breakfast

Anonymous said...

First of all...any poetry about bacon is from God! Second...a little edgar allen poe in your teenager can be a good thing...just watch out for those sharp corners!

Love ya

Your Bro

ang said...

I'm tearing up. That's MY godson...