Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baby Wingnut-isms

This child has no self image problem, whatsoever! I was dressing him for the day and while shirtless he declared, "I'm awesome!" While he flexed his non-existent muscles. As I pulled his shirt over his head, he proclaimed, "Oh boy, it's Thomas! I am the champion!"

Baby Wingnut has learned the value of the dollar. He will ask, "Mama, can I play the Wii?" When I tell him, "No." He'll use his manners and ask, "Please?" Once again his request will be denied. He then resorts to his new last ditch effort, "I'll give you money!"

Baby Wingnut has taken to introducing himself "Hi, I'm 2!" and then he will say, "I'm turning 3" as he holds up the appropriate number of fingers. His unsuspecting victim will then ask, "Oh, when is your birthday?" He will then proudly announce, "June 27th!" I remember trying to coach my other children to recite their birthdate to no avail. Baby Wingnut was probably told only one time and has committed that date to memory. Obviously he has seen enough birthdays around here to realize they are pretty desirable events ;-)

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Party of Eight said...

They are! Especially when it is June 27!!! (mine, too!)I love his -isms :)

Anonymous said...

Baby Wingy has no self esteem issues whatsoever! That boy understands the value of a nice physique, what it takes to be a champion, throwing the dough around to get his way and seeing that every day is one day closer to the most important day on the yearly calendar! With a little tutelage from his uncle he will learn how to rule the world!!!!

Happy Holy Week!

Love your Bro!

Sarah (JOT) said...

He's just too precious for words!!