Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Are you keeping track of your small successes each week? Leave your list or your link at Faith & Family Live!

1) It's bedroom week if you fly. This is by far my favorite week of chores. Our bedroom is a sanctuary and it doesn't take much to de-clutter and pick it up. It also give me a good excuse to hide out more in my room :-). Because I do keep on top of this room regularly, it is one of two rooms in our house that eventually get vacuumed AND dusted top to bottom.

2) For the third week in a row, I've kept on top of the laundry. It was iffy there on Monday when the washer and dryer were tasked with nearly eight loads in one day. We had an extremely busy weekend so all the laundry was left until Monday. We are currently caught up. Whoo-hoo!

3) Friday will be our last co-op meeting for the year. I printed out portfolio pages for the photography class and wrote an Astronomy Jeopardy game to play with the Astronomy class. We should have a grand time.
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ViolinMama said...

WOW! This post inspires me! I need to get back on track with the house! You may have helped me to summon the courage! Thank you!

Congrats on the last co-op class and all you do! God Bless!

munchesmom said...

Congratulations on your successes! Someday I hope to make our bedroom a sanctuary again. In our house, it always seems to be the last room cleaned & also the dump spot for stuff picked up elsewhere. I do manage to get the bed made most days, though!

Peace & blessings!

Mau said...


Ours used to be that way, especially if company was coming. I decided one day to reclaim my bedroom and I have never looked back. This also the room I say my afternoon prayers in so it has to be clean, otherwise I would not be able to relax and focus on my prayers :-)

Tonya said...

I'm awake, all the kids are alive and we got a tiny bit of school done this week. Talk about SMALL successes in my life! :-) You always do such a good job. Miss you guys. Oh, love love love the pictures of B - he is so stinking cute!

Catholic Mommy Brain said...

I bet you can't believe it's your last coop week already. The year has flown by!