Friday, April 3, 2009

A Walk on the Wild Side

This week my photography students took shots of their pets and wildlife. Their instructions for the assignment were as follows:

-Get your pet's personality
-Think about context. Put your pet in a natural setting that will be familiar and comforting.
-Get in close and personal
-Get down on your pet’s level
-Mix up your framing. Don't feel like you must get your whole pet in the shot. Try just getting your pet's face.
-Natural lighting is best. If you use flash you may get some very strange effects in your pet's eyes.
-Include people, especially if your pet has a favorite person that could make them more at ease.
-Freeze the action
-Be playful
-Catch them unaware

Oleander loved this shot of one of our insufferable cats, grooming himself.
JP caught our other insufferable cats liking her chops. The kids all thought it was a creepy shot, but love it nonetheless. Print Friendly and PDF


Anonymous said...

The last time a cat gave me that look I shot it! I think we got the results on film.

Your Bro

Party of Eight said...

Great shots! Good job, guys :)(And Teach!)