Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whoa! The World has Gone Crazy!

*Um, anyone else think the fact that we are worrying about pirates is a little weird? I always thought pirates were relegated to the realm of imaginary play. Supposedly the pirates are all in their teens and untrained. I think they may have come from Neverland. Of course having unarmed body guards that jump ship at the first sign of trouble won't help ships under attack much.

*I had planned on taking the kids to our local Tax Day Tea Party. Unfortunately, the rain and cold chased us away. Our country has taken a trip down crazy lane and Americans are now returning to their revolutionary roots and dumping tea into the bay--if only figuratively--in protest of the bailout/porkulus bill. We had some awesome signs planned: "The Robbed Generation" with an arrow pointing down to one of our children;"Don't Tread on Me" bearing a snake with a photo of Obama's face on the snake (although does that one really work? Are we saying don't tread on the snake or Obama the snake don't tread on us? I'm still working on that idea); "What ever happened to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?"; "Welcome to the U.S.S.A." with pictures of Pelosi, Obama, Biden, and the other criminals pushing communism on us. Well, maybe one of these days we'll get to join in the new revolution.

*Have you all made your Radical Right Wing Extremist checklists yet? Here's mine:
Pro-gun ownership--check
Anti-illegal immigration--check
Iraq war veteran--can't check that one off, but they may consider a fed up military wife a potential terrorist in time. Here's to hoping :-)

*At one of the several Tea Parties he attended, Texas Governor Rick Perry promoted the idea that Texas can leave the Union if so desired. He was cheered on by chants of "Secede! Secede!" I've always loved Texas.
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Tonya said...

I've been wasting my time reading some blogs that just rip people like you and me to parts. Large families, right wing, homeschooling, etc. Make us sound like a bunch of weirdos! I don't even recognize myself after they get beyond the large family parts. Do people really think that of us? Now add to that the military, pro gun thing and we really are insane! Here I just thought I was raising my family, minding my own business, trying to love my neighbor and be obedient to Christ. Turns out we're terrorists in the making. Who knew?

Tonya said...

Oh, and I'm thinking buying some land in Texas is a good idea right now. That way we can move out of the country at a moments notice if needed! :-)