Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stunting their Growth

Wingnut is notorious around here for misplacing his things. Usually important things like his phone, his wallet, his various id badges that gain him access to whatever it is he needs access to. I honestly can't believe they allow the man to fly billion dollar planes. I hope and believe his absentmindedness must only occur at home. I suppose I should be satisfied he has never misplaced one of the children.

Anyhoo, as he came in the door last evening he asked if I had seen "such and such" badge laying around. Of course, I hadn't. He and I spent some time during the evening searching in the usual places: drawers, baskets, jackets, cupboards, the car, to no avail. He reassured me he could just get a new "such and such" badge and that it wasn't any big deal, but I think it was a bit of a deal. After all, who likes to look like an absentminded idiot who needs to ask for a new "such and such" badge?

About 10 minutes after leaving the house this morning, he called. He'd found his "such and such" badge between the seats in the car. "Everyone gets coffee this morning!" He cheered. That's how Wingnut celebrates his victories. Everyone gets coffee. Of course he is off to work for the day leaving me to enjoy the effects of caffeine pumped into the systems of the two and six year olds. Oh, joy!

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Sarah (JOT) said...

At least it's cute energy!!!

Walter said...

That is great to hear Mau! I will make sure I take care of my neices and nephews and their addiction while you are here just before I leave my three children to spend the night with their cousins at Auntie's house. I will be a hootie hoot of a time for you and Sissy! I can tell you that it is better to have an absent minded person like Chris than an accident proned idiot like me flying those billion dollar planes!!!! I'm sure the passengers appreciate it!

Love Ya!!

Give that Baby Wingy a big hug from his uncle...whom he hasn't met yet...and the rest of the clan!

Your Bro

Sissy said...

That is soooo funny Sis!I think we should give the kids coffee.....then leave them with him and uncle Josh while we go spend the day with Jen!!!