What's in a Bumper Sticker?

When you drive a 12 passenger van, it is inherently obvious that what you treasure is the cargo it carries, and not the glamour of the vehicle. That being said, we've gone ahead and put bumper stickers on the back of our van. I believe we have 8 or 9 stickers, making our vehicle a rolling advertisement for the pro-life, pro-family, pro-church, pro-homeschool, and pro-motherhood causes. I'm not sure many folks pay any attention to our bumper stickers, but we enjoy putting it out there.

Last week I was transporting my teens to a youth event, when my oldest daughter and I caught sight of the driver of a small car gesturing to us angrily. She was pumping her thumb up and down and mouthing "Boo" at us. She must have read something she didn't like on the back of our van. Which bumper sticker was the offender? It could have been: "Vote Pro-Life", "UNC Basketball", "Motherhood is a Proud Profession", "No Homeschooled Child is Left Behind", "I can't go to School, I'm Autodidatic", "Pope Benedict XVI says Defend Life". Most likely it was our newest addition: "Where's the Birth Certificate."

Being in DC, it can be a bit gutsy to sport a anti-Obama bumper sticker. Ours is fairly obscure, so I thought we could throw it on the van without most folks getting the meaning. I find the idea pretty funny, myself. I don't know if Obama was born in Hawaii or Kenya and I'm sure we'll not see his actual certified birth certificate released anytime soon. I just think, if he's got nothing to hide, and he is all about transparency, why is he so bent on not releasing it? Anyhoo, I think the campaign and the bumper sticker are funny, and as long as all I get are "thumbs down" and a few "boos", it will be staying on the back of the van.


Party of Eleven said…
Maurisa ~ LOVE your bumper stickers. I can't believe somebody did that. There are so many idiots around here, it's unbelievable. Ryan saw a good one the other day: "Is it 2012 yet?" But our favorite one is: "I'll keep my freedom, guns, and money. You can keep the "change". I've actually seen several of those around here. Ryan gave me a "Honk if you Homeschool" sticker and proudly put it on our 12 passenger van when we got it. Now when someone honks, I say "They must homeschool!" It's not like I'm asleep at a light or anything :P
Walter said…
Hey Mau,

Maybe they weren't booing you Mau maybe they were saying "Boo"! in preparation for the upcoming Halloween holiday! Maybe you are too emotionally connected to your bumperstickers and need an intervention. All they are is glue, paper and ink. Let my stickers go Mau!!!!

Love ya!

Your Bro!
Sarah - Kala said…
Chief hates bumper stickers . . . I was lucky to get away with the "fish" when we got our Taurus years ago. Then I stuck a pro-life sticker on it. Sold that car before moving here. I may stick something on the van soon. I do have a "map" sticker of HI and a sticker that the words "aloha" form a pineapple . . .I'll put those on the back window. Other than that, he will probably yell at me. :)

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