Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Plan: History

We are not planning on beginning school work this year until the Tuesday after Labor Day, but of course I've been researching, planning and purchasing our materials. I can tell the plan for history is already a hit, as this is what I discovered when I came down this morning:

Karate Kid and Stat Boy are going to use the high school Ancient History syllabus from Mother of Divine Grace. Karate Kid has used the MODG syllabus for history for the last couple of years and she really has enjoyed it. It is very literature and writing intensive (her forte) but also has t students making maps, timelines, etc.

Since our older two are taking Ancient History, we've decided everyone shall take Ancient History, which is why the little ones have dug out all the Greek mythology books we own. Oleander has also already read our copy of Plutarch's Lives (the less racy version). I'll be pulling together my own program beginning with Creation and moving on through Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. We'll be making timelines and maps (using materials from Knowledge Quest) and maybe we'll try our hand at making a lap book or two. This will also be a literature intensive course with Biblical reading, ancient mythology, historical fiction, and the appropriate Learning Through History magazines (many of which the children have already perused, just for the fun of it). By the time Labor Day rolls around, they should be able to teach me Ancient History.

Now if I could generate as much excitement over math or english, I'd be golden.
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momto5minnies said...

Sounds like you have a great plan with HISTORY. I pretty much had the opposite problem. Math and English were settled on very quickly. I still have nothing for science. I would really like to pull something together ... more "real/living" books.