Saturday, August 1, 2009

In Case You Were in the Dark over Who this was Really About

Found this photo on Giovanni's World. What a travesty this whole "let's have a beer" business was. It wasn't about race until it was made about race. It wasn't about apologies. It wasn't about making nice over a couple of beers. It was all about Obama.

There is lesson I remember from pilot training, when Wingnut went through it 18 years ago. They call it situational awareness. I remember it because it was lesson that should be applied to so many things in life. Obama clearly lacks situational awareness. If he had any he would have been the man helping his close friend down the stairs. It is apparent Sgt. Crowley has not only situational awareness, but class.
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Paul and Annie said...

Well said! I hadn't seen this picture- unbelievable!