Baby Steps

It's Thursday, time to list our little accomplishments for the week.

1) Skoshi A had her 10th birthday on Tuesday. As part of her celebration I took her shopping, just the two of us. She chose Toys R Us and we had a grand time browsing the aisles. The kids often surprise me with the choices they make, and Skoshi A did not disappoint. Her first choice was a super cool crystal growing kit. This is a very nice kit and fits in very nicely with our plan for science this year: earth science. Anyhoo, the small success here is Wednesday morning we actually broke open the kit and did one of the VERY messy experiments from it. Skoshi A was so excited and I can't wait to see how well the crystals grow!

2) Wingnut has been traveling a lot lately. Most of his travel is short, only a day or two, but he is taking at least two of these short trips a week. We've been trying to coordinate our workout schedule so that we are able to do our workouts together, but too often this just doesn't work out. I really depend on Wingnut for motivation and I really have to talk myself into doing the workouts on my own, but I did every last one this week. I'm pretty proud of myself for that small success.

3) If you fly with the FlyLady, we are in the bathroom and one extra room this week. We have a huge master bath, so I only focus on that, unless the laundry room really needs a cleaning. Along with all the traditional bathroom duties, I vacuumed up the cobwebs and began washing down the walls. I gave up on washing all the walls, as this is the original paint job in the house, and I began to realize it would actually be less work to paint the bathroom. Hopefully we'll see a freshly painted bathroom as a small success sometime in September.

Come join your fellow moms and leave your list of small successes at Faith and Family Live.


Dawn said…
Great job on keeping up the workouts. I hear you though on the motivation. It's a tremendous help.
I will hold you mentally accountable! ;) So when you don't want to do it, remember that I will ask if you did! Maybe that will help.
Thanks for the tip for my computer fix. I've heard that way too many times to ignore it. The only problem is that we just bought this dern vista computer not that long ago and to buy a new one is so expensive. I will keep my eyes open though for a good sale. Any tips on what to look for in a Mac?
Katie said…
Great job on the workouts! I know it will pay off. It is so good that you were able to motivate yourself to do it!
Tonya said…
Eric and I were trying to work out together too. Not that he's traveling, but he now has mandatory PT at work twice a week, Mon and Thur. So he doesn't want to work out Monday, Wednesday (because he'll be working out in the morning) or Thursday! Guess I need to learn from you and work out w/out his help. Can I copy? :-)
Walter said…
Hey Mau,

Angelina the Ballerina chose the crystal growing set??? I had higher hopes for her...such as...fart spray or fake dog poo or something that was more sophisticated than crystals. Oh well that is what happens when she doesn't consult her uncle first.

Way to go on bringing it every day!!!!!!!! I understand the difficulty of motivating myself to turning on Tony...especially now that I am working out at 5 let's me run in the afternoons. Keep focusing on the goal of having that Beach Body!!! not that I want to know if you fully reach it...shudder. I will be excited just hearing your happiness with the results.

Actually...that is not the orginal paint in the bathroom. I recollect a time about 5 years ago when I took a journey to Bowie and helped a certain brother-in-law of mine paint that bathroom AND every other wall in the house. I remember it because I had a blast with the Senior Wingy and it was hotter than...well you the house because we had to disconnect the thermostat which meant no AC. Either way a fresh coat of paint never hurts.

Love Ya Mau,

Your Bro
Dawn said…
Mau, for a pic of the stain glass (it's really a film you put over the window) check out my post Picture pages.
ViolinMama said…
I'm sorry I'm late reading this. It's been one of those "sick kid" weeks. Thanks for uplifting me with your wonderful words and glimpse into your special family! Blessings!

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