A Job Well Done

Ok, faithful readers, I lied. I am not posting photos today of our busy weekend. Instead I'm sticking to the Thursday-catholic-blogging-mom tradition of posting my small successes for the week. Check out the fun at Faith and Family Live.

1) We hosted a rip-roaring, old fashioned fiesta for our new ten year old this weekend. We decorated with bright festive colors, donned our best fiesta attire, created a delectable menu filled with mexican fare, played music with a latin flare, and whacked away at a traditional pinata.

2) I tried my hand at making homemade breakfast sausage and donuts on Sunday morning. They were both delicious and well received, for a first attempt.

3) We headed out on our annual trip to Williamsburg/Busch Gardens on Monday. As much as I didn't want to, I submitted to our oldest daughter's desire to drive the nearly 7 hours(round-trip). She's really working hard to put a dent in the 60 hours behind the wheel requirement, and is now over 35 hours. We took two vehicles so that she could drive one with Wingnut supervising, and I drove the twelve passenger van with the rest of the crew. I was worried I'd be stressed out about letting her drive, and that the stress would ruin the trip for me, but it all worked out well and I had a wonderfully entertaining time with Stat Boy riding shot gun next to me. That kid is a real card and had me laughing nearly the entire drive.


Kelly said…
Congrats on your small successes!

I think it's fantastic that you made your own breakfast and donuts. I've always wanted to try and make homemade donuts myself too.

May God bless you throughout the rest of your week.
ViolinMama said…
GREAT job!!!!! Especially #3! What a way of letting go! So proud of you!
Party of Eleven said…
Great successes this week! Mexico sure knows how to party, eh? Great job on the breakfast. We made donuts one time (but it involved a can of biscuit dough :P) I love #3. You are doing great. See you tomorrow at the park!
sissy said…
We want pictures!!!!!!

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