Monday, August 10, 2009

The Plan: Science

This year we will be using three different science curricula. Karate Kid will be studying Physics using Kinetic Textbooks. This is a new program for us, but Wingnut looked it over and seemed pleased with the Principles of Physics program offered by Kinetic Textbooks. As the year progresses I will post a review of this curriculum.

Stat Boy will be taking his first high school courses this year. He is not going to be on the same track as Karate Kid, as he is not a self starter and is more likely to give up when frustrated. We have been using Kolbe Academy for high school science with Karate Kid and we will do the same for Stat Boy but instead of beginning with biology, we will be using the introductory physical sciences materials. Kolbe uses Prentice Hall textbooks for physical science, biology, and chemistry. We love the syllabus and detailed lesson plans that Kolbe provides for their science program, so although the texts are secular, the syllabus provides plenty of extra reading and study from a Catholic perspective. This curriculum will give Stat Boy a good foundation for studying the sciences throughout his high school career.

The three girls will be studying geology and earth sciences using Great Science Adventures. We've used this series in the past: The World of Insects and Arachnids and The World of Space. I love this program. It is fun, simple, and hands-on, but can be utilized by several grade levels at the same time (from K-8th). Oleander is not too keen on the idea of studying with her little sisters, so she may return to using Concepts and Challenges, unless I can convince her that what she will be doing will NOT be second grade work. We shall see.
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