Friday, August 7, 2009

She Made Their Day

Special K has the gift of gab, and when you are trapped in the van with her sometimes it actually pays to listen to what is running around in her little brain. She had this sweet little gem yesterday while we were on our way to the dentist.

"Going to the dentist is my second favorite thing to do in the whole world, " she proclaimed, "Going to Target is my first favorite."

As she said this I was thinking, "This is the kid that has had all the dental work--x-rays, sedation, drilling, crowns."

A few minutes later she made a bit of a correction. "Going to the dentist is actually my third favorite. Going to Heaven is my first, then Target."

I told the receptionist and dental hygienist about Special K's little one sided conversation and they chuckled about it our entire visit. Special K got the extra special treatment in the office for being so cute.
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