Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Day Out With the Lil' Guy

Friday our five tennis players had a tennis party all together and all morning. This left me with what could I do with Lil' Wingnut? I don't think I've ever had a day where I could spend time just with him. All week I thought about what we might do and I really looked forward to having a little fun with him.

After dropping the fab five off for their fiesta, Lil' Wingnut and I headed to one of my favorite tike spots, Watkin's Park. This park is fantastic and has so much to offer: hiking trails, tennis courts, a working farm, full sized antique carousel, a miniature steam train that loops through the farm, a playground, and a nature center.

We had all morning and we could take our time and do as much or as little as we liked. Lil' Wingnut loved the nature center and spent a good deal of time asking questions about the turtles, snakes, cockroaches, tarantulas, frogs, owls, and other wildlife found there. We meandered around the farm and talked to the farmers and fed the turkeys. We then were treated to a nice, long, private carousel ride, courtesy of the nice man that works the ride. I swear he is the same man that gave rides to all of our children over the years. He has got to have an incredibly high tolerance for spinning in circles and carnival music! Of course we rode the train to round out our morning.

McDonald's is not one of my favorite lunch spots, but special for Lil' Wingnut, we headed there for a Happy Meal, his very first Happy Meal, I might add. I even let him climb in the indoor play structure, another first for him.

It's funny to think he had so many firsts in one day and at the age of three. We had a wonderful time. He was such a little gentleman and made me feel like the only gal in the world. I hope he'll remember our little morning out together. I know I will.

Lil' Wingnut has become quite the photographer and took most of the photos I'm posting today. Can you find the two little frogs sitting on the rock? One was making little croaking noises, so we were able to see it's little vocal sac fill like a balloon.

I love this picture of the peacocks, one facing forward and the other facing back. Lil' Wingnut really has a good eye.

Lil' Wingnut found this "broken carrot" hilarious and had to take a picture of it.

He had that expression of glee on his face the entire ride.

The little guy took at least a dozen photos of the train engineer's backside. He needs to work on his "eye" a bit when it comes to portraits of people.
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Walter said...

Hey Mau,

Sounds like you and Lil' Wingy had a great time! I love Watkins park...especially hiking the bogs in the spring time! My kids still talk aboout that park, the carousel, train and petting the animals. MMMMMM nothing like a Mickey D's happy meal to get your mid afternoon nausea to set in. That little guy is a real trooper so I am sure he not only was fun to hang with but relished the one on one attention from his favorite mama! With the portraits he likes to take of people makes me wonder if he might be a proctologist when he grows up!

Love Ya Mau!

Your Bro

Sarah - Kala said...

He takes good pictures. I love the broken carrot, too. I would have laughed about that all day.

Tonya said...

We love Watkins Park! Glad you two had so much fun there.