Badges? We Don't Need No Stinking Badges!

Whew what a weekend/week we have had. Saturday on into Sunday we hosted a fiesta for
Skoshi A in honor of her 10th birthday. She had a wonderful time and really enjoyed celebrating with her friends.

Monday we made our annual pilgrimage to Williamsburg, more notably, Busch Gardens, in Williamsburg, for some amusement park mayhem. We did attempt a walk around Colonial Williamsburg, but the kids weren't too into it, and it was just too hot and humid so we headed to the hotel to rest up for day two of the trip. Wingnut spent the day with the four brave souls who wanted to ride the monster roller coasters. I took the two youngest and headed to kiddie land. It was hot, humid, and exhausting, but everyone had a blast. I think Lil' Wingnut and Skoshi A would have very happily stayed until the park closed at 8 p.m., but we made a break for it just past 6. Lil' Wingnut became pretty indignant as we approached the parking lot, exclaiming, "Hey, why are we leaving? I'm not done!"

The kids look forward to this trip every summer, and as long as Busch Gardens continues to offer free admission to military personnel and their families, we'll continue to make the pilgrimage. The folks at the park are wonderful. Every year the paper work reads that the free admission is good for one active duty member and three dependents. We, of course, have seven dependents, all told, and yet every year they extend the free admission to all of us. I'm telling you, larger families do not often get treated this well and so consistently.

The party girl: She really is a queen monkey.

The whole crew, looking all too excited to be in Colonial Williamsburg.

Special K and I enjoyed seeing the "Riverdance" type performance together at Busch Gardens.

Around and around and around, they did this all day long and still wanted to go around some more.


Dawn said…
Busch Gardend Williamsburg is awesome! The one in Tampa will not extend the family like they do in Williamsburg. Glad you had a great time.
Maurisa said…
Seven years and counting, every year the cashier asks how many of us there are and when she gets the number she peeks over her shoulder and then says, "We'll take care of you." They take care of us every time :-)
Party of Eleven said…
Love the picture of them at Colonial Williamsburg. Ha! They just can't contain their excitement. Actually, we went there in late fall/winter and the older kids really enjoyed it!
Michelle said…
When we went a few years ago, they granted us our one extra person, but this past June we had to pay for 3 to the tune of $150. It's still not bad, if you think that 8 of us (well, 7, since the baby was free) went for $150.

And I think it's one military and THREE dependants, or I really got a bum deal...

But I would never complain because the program, ongoing for so very long, is simply wonderful.
Maurisa said…
Michelle, you are correct it is one military and three dependents, not four.

I wonder why we've always been treated so special (all of us getting in for free)? Maybe we are cuter, or look more desperate/destitute :-)

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