Video Review--Islam: What the West Needs to Know

Wingnut and I watched an incredibly interesting video about the Islamic religion/culture. The aim of the video is to dispel the myth that Islam is a religion of peace and that those that commit violence in Islam's name are fundamentalist fanatics that have distorted the tenets of the Koran. Several clips of world and national leaders alluding to Islam as the religion of peace, open the documentary. I was immediately struck with the idea that these leaders have really no other recourse than to appease Moslem fundamentalists because we are afraid of inciting their anger. We are afraid, and maybe rightfully so.

Several experts and scholars of Islamic culture and religion give interviews during the documentary, explaining the roots of this idea that Islam is a religion of peace and then go on to dispel and discredit that idea. The testimony of Walid Shoebat was particularly compelling as he is an admitted former PLO terrorist now a Christian convert and advocate for Israel. These interviews are interspersed with citations from the Koran, clips of foreign leaders' speeches and interviews, Islamic artwork, and footage from Islamic television broadcasts.

While I may not have learned anything new about Islam, I was reminded of the absolute lack of any concept of love for God or one's fellow man in the religion. Islam, by it's very nature is devoid of joy. It is unfathomable, to me, that such a religion would have any attraction, what so ever, and yet it is arguably the fastest growing demographic/religion in the world.

This documentary is a must see for Christians and Americans, especially after seeing the reaction of Libyan muslims to the release and homecoming of the Lockerbie bomber. The man is a national and Islamic hero for murdering 270 people. I would recommend this documentary for older teens due to isolated content of an adult nature.


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