Friday, August 14, 2009

No Longer Family Friendly

**Warning for my young readers: Please have your parents read this post before you read it so they might decide on it's appropriateness for you.

A couple of my favorite blogs have recently posted stories on the vulgarity they've seen on television lately. While I did not see it myself, I had heard of Miley Cyrus' performance at the Teen Choice Awards. Sardonic Dad blogged and gave his insightful opinion about it here. The boys at Creative Minority Report blogged about a racy television ad that had aired during prime time. You can read the post and view the ads here.

Our children watch very little television. Occasionally we'll watch a little Spongebob, or Food Network, or important sporting events. A vast majority of the time, Wingnut and I are standing by, with remote in hand, ready to switch the channel when commercials begin airing. Really it would be easier to forgo television all together.

9 years ago, I appeared on the original run of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". Our children watched the show with us and it was, at that time, family friendly. On Tuesday evening I discovered the series has returned, temporarily, and I switched the program on to have a look. The very first question of the evening had me in shock, mouth agape: "Which of the following Hollywood couples is a same-sex couple." Are you kidding me? That was it for me and off went the T.V. I am so disappointed that the world has come to embrace this garbage so completely, especially during what had been considered "family friendly viewing time". I'm just thankful I chose to preview the show before calling the kids. Nothing really should shock me anymore.
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Katie said...

You were on Who wants to be A Millionaire!?!

My kids do not watch much TV at all. . . they get to watch videos for teh most part. Commercials are HORRIBLE. For a time I let the boys watch 3.2.1 Penguins and Veggietales on TV on Sat mornings. You would not believe the commercials they had on during those shows. Most of the commercials were public service announcements geared towards kids who are bullied, thinking of suicide, addicted to drugs, or getting ready to drop out of school . . . WHY? We stopped watching!

matthew archbold said...

I've got to know. how did you do on the show?

Maurisa said...

I had, if I remember correctly, four chances at the fastest finger portion. I was not the fastest finger. We had to have had the biggest dolts in the world playing that week in the hot seat-one didn't know the color of the inside of a kiwi and another didn't know that raisins were dehydrated grapes.

It was a lot of fun, my first trip to New York. ABC paid for everything--airfare for me and my mother-in-law, hotel in Manhattan, food for two days, they were really cool and helpful with the baby I had to bring along--plus at tax time they sent $450 dollars to cover the taxable portion of my "winnings". Oh, I met Regis--he's short, but friendly.

The biggest bonus was the Commander on the base my husband was stationed at remembered my husband because of my appearance on Millionaire and gave my hubby a DP (definitely promote) to Major along with a glowing recommendation when he applied for the job he has here in DC. (When it comes to DPs and recommendations in the military, many times it comes down to who you know, or who stood out). Divine Providence, I tell you!

momto5minnies said...

That is cool (being on a show like that).
I honestly don't watch all that much television anymore. I agree that there is a lot that is no longer "family friendly". Even if it is worthy of watching, the commercials usually disappoint big time :(