Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Water Works

Since we moved into this house 10 years ago, we've had all sorts of minor emergencies involving water:

1) A fuse to the sump pump blew and after a huge rain storm our lower level of the basement flooded on Father's Day right before Wingnut was to leave on a two week trip.

2) The water line to the fridge developed a hole causing it to leak between floors and eventually into the basement.

3) The gutters were not draining properly causing water to pool at the foundation to the house and then leaked into the basement.

4) The water softener overflowed into the basement.

5) Our air conditioning overflow pipe has been dislodged on multiple occasions flooding the basement.

6) And last night our hot water heater began leaking from the top flooding the basement.

Some of these things have happened more than once and so several years ago Wingnut and I invested in several water alarms and placed them strategically throughout the basement. They have worked incredibly well and we have stopped major flooding several times as these babies go off after contacting the smallest amount of water. Unfortunately, it seems our water woes only occur in the middle of the night and we have been awoken from the deepest of sleep by its shrill alert.

During the heat of summer, our children prefer to sleep in the cool of the basement. They can usually sleep through anything, but last night one of our children was finally awoken by the water alarm. Seeing that it was a very small amount of water, this child removed the alarm from the offending puddle and went back to bed. As you might imagine, this morning we were greeted by a much, much, larger puddle :(

These alarms work wonderfully, but not when they are ignored. Wingnut and I have spent the morning mopping up the flood, researching fixes for the water heater, fielding calls from Service Magic Pros (love them!) and will be awaiting the arrival of the plumber. Oh, joy!

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