Friday, July 22, 2011

Proud Boy, Proud Mama

Lil' Wingnut has been taking tennis at our neighborhood racquet and pool club. He usually does very well and is well liked by the coaches and his fellow players, but he tends to be a bit clownish. The head coach chooses a "Player of the Week" each week from his students. He tries to choose a player who has worked hard, followed instructions, and improved their tennis play over the week.

On Monday Lil' Wingnut declared his intention of winning "Player of the Week". I told him he had to work really hard and behave if he wanted to win. I didn't have much hope for him as there at quite a few kids in his group and many of them work hard, are less silly, and are better players all around. Remarkably, Lil' Wingnut was on his best behavior all week. He was still his happy-go-lucky self, but more subdued and more serious about tennis. Like most of the country, we have been in a heat wave here. It was hot and humid all week and not the best tennis weather for little kids, but our lil' guy didn't complain a single time, nor did he use the oppressive heat as an excuse to not play hard. When award time came around, I actually had hope Lil' Wingnut might succeed in his quest. As soon as the coach announced his name, Lil' Wingnut came forward with an expression of complete pride and glee on his face. He could not have been prouder of his award and I could not have been prouder of the hard work and determination he exhibited in working toward his goal.

A proud Lil' Wingnut models his "Player of the Week" t-shirt.
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1 comment:

Walt said...

Hey Mau,

WAY TO GO LIL WINGSTER!!!! Your uncle is very proud of you! Overcoming obstacles, razor sharp focus, finely tuned attention span and a backhand that would scare the meanest girl on the court. All of this while making the oppressive weather bow to your greatness. For all of this accomplishment and skill you get a DRESS...or a night gown!!!!

Love Ya Mau,