Friday, July 1, 2011

Permission to Breathe

Watch out world, our 16 year old son has his driver's permit. Just thought I'd throw that out there. You've had fair warning.

In order to get said permit, we had to provide the DMV with an inordinate amount of paper work proving his age, his citizenship, and adequate school attendance. Since he is home schooled, I had to write the local home schooling official with the public school and request a form showing that he was in compliance with state law regarding school attendance. She, of course, sent the wrong form back to us. The DMV rejected our paperwork submitted for the driving permit, but they did register the boy to vote. Really??? Thankfully, JayP turned 16 just a few days later, and as such, no longer required the proof of school attendance form. After taking a quick multiple choice quiz, the state handed him a card giving him permission to drive with a qualified licensed driver (over 21 and having had a license for 3 years).

We just recently had our second homeschool portfolio review of the year. It's a necessary irritation having to prove to the state that we provide "regular, thorough, and adequate" instruction to our children. We've been scrutinized by the public school system for the last 10 years. I'm fairly certain we've got it down. The state continues to require we be reviewed. Whatever. At least the reviewers have all been lovely, supportive ladies and always rave about what our children have accomplished. I should be thankful we don't live in a more invasive, form ridden state. Yet, sometimes I feel like we need permission to breathe.

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Young Mom said...

It is frustrating I'm sure. My sisters had to make up transcripts to get into college. However, sometimes I wish that the state had required more reviews, since my homeschooling parents did not teach me any science, geography, biology or history. The only thing that really mattered was that I was a good christian and prepared to be a wife and mother, so school fell by the wayside.

Maurisa said...

Young Mom,

I completely get what you are saying. Your parents definitely neglected your education and that is shameful.

For us, holiness is our number one goal, but we won't neglect a well-rounded education in the process of trying to reach that goal. After 12 years of homeschooling and complying with state guidelines, it would be nice to be trusted with the education of my own children at some point. I don't expect that will ever happen.

I also find it a bit frustrating that I cannot be trusted to set my own guidelines, but someone else, who doesn't know my children or our educational goals can set them for us. C'est la vie in the nanny state.