Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Recognition :)

For the most part I've been keeping up with my one photo a week with MCP Project 52. I don't always post the photos here for various reasons: I don't like my photo, I have something better to blog about, I used the photo for {Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}, etc.

Last week's theme was "Get in Close". I didn't even take my photo until the end of the week, and I really wasn't that inspired by the theme until giving it a little thought. As we've been pretty preoccupied with tennis lessons this summer, I decided to capture that idea up close. I liked my photo well enough to submit it. MCP did not choose it for their top ten, but another professional photographer liked it enough to use it in her blog's top ten photos of the week. Honestly, I don't participate in these photo challenges for recognition. I really am just trying to improve my skills and creativity. It does help to get some feed back on my photos, and of course, a little recognition goes a long way in encouraging me to continue this artistic pursuit.

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