Monday, July 25, 2011

Movie Review: Captain America

I've not much time for blogging this week so here's just a very quick review.

Captain America is the must see super hero movie of the year, thus far. There were several things I truly liked about this film:

1) The super hero character was truly likable. Unlike other recent heroes, Steve Rogers/Captain America was not a flawed character. He was brave, noble, persevering, and unselfish. Conversely the villain was completely despicable. It's difficult to create a more vile villain than a wickedly self serving, power hungry, nazi with evil super powers.

2) The story was well written, enjoyable, and well acted. I especially enjoyed Tommy Lee Jones as crusty Colonel Chester Philips; Chris Evans as Captain America; and Hugo Weaving as the pernicious Red Skull.

3) The humor was subdued and well-timed.

4) Stylistically this film was unique. I loved that the story was set in the 1940s and yet the special effects had a real and cool Star Wars vibe.

5) After Wingnut and I previewed the film, we were able to send our 4 oldest children to see it. I love when Hollywood actually produces a movie I can send my kids to without qualms.

The few things I did not enjoy about the film:

1) We saw it in 3-D. I hate 3-D. It gives me a headache; I can't stand the glasses; and it adds nothing to the story.

2) From a Catholic/Christian standpoint it was bothersome to me that Steve Rogers could not find his self worth and inherent dignity as himself. While his pursuit of becoming big and strong enough to enlist in the Army was not selfish, the message the film sends about the importance of outward appearance and bodily strength is problematic, IMHO. It's too bad Rogers could not find the strength within himself to serve as God created him, but then I suppose he wouldn't have made a very compelling Captain America as a 90 pound asthmatic weakling.

Due to some possibly frightening images and pervasive wartime violence, I would recommend this film for older adolescents, teens, and adults. The USCCB gave Captain America: The First Avenger an A-II (adults and adolescents).

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Michelle said...

Thanks for the review. I agree with the 3D - hate it. I hoped it was a fad until I saw 3D TVs and then I felt doomed that this was the "future." Who likes it?