Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lil' Lamb 5 months

Isn't he a beauty?

Of course, I couldn't post photos of the little man without at least one funny facial expression.

He is growing so fast and changing everyday. We love seeing his unique personality blossom before our very eyes. He loves people, loves to be talked to, loves to be held facing outward so that he can see everything around him.

He still hates riding in his car seat and that makes traveling very unpleasant for us all. We decided to take my visiting brother and nephew to see the fireworks in downtown DC on the fourth and Lil' Lamb protested very loudly during the last 15 minutes of the van ride home. He was so mad I was unable to calm him down no matter what I tried. I tried rocking him, nursing him, changing him. We walked around outside, lay on the bed in the dark, and turned on the light in the living room. I tried two different pacifiers and gave him several toys, all to no avail. He cried non-stop for 30 minutes and did not settle down until Wingnut took him from me. Once in his daddy's arms the lil' tyrant turned to me and gave me the most wicked glare. Oh yeah, was he ever mad at me for strapping him into that car seat and boy did he ever let me know it. Yes, it should be interesting watching this temperament develop.
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