Friday, July 29, 2011

Hit Piece

For archbishop's camp, the church is the hierarchy
My mother-in-law sent the above link to an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer. It is quite infuriating, but thankfully illustrates why the Church is NOT a democracy. The professor of Faith and Culture at the University of Dayton (a supposed Catholic university, sigh) uses some pretty inflammatory language regarding Archbishop Chaput and his hand in the "demise" of American catholicism, and he does so without giving a single quote or policy of Chaput's that would support his accusations, other than the fact Chaput would deny communion to apostate catholic John Kerry if the former presented himself for the sacrament in Chaput's previous Archdiocese. It's a hit piece and O'Brien comes across as someone with an ax to grind. When writers, such as he, side with the "hard working priests, sisters and lay people of Philadelphia" and fail to see the Church must side with Christ and His teachings alone, they show their true colors and only prove Archbishop Chaput is the right man for the job. Orthodoxy and adherence to authentic Catholic teaching alone will restore the Catholic Church in America. God bless Archbishop Chaput in his new post!

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Michelle said...

Oh. My. What an article. Ax to grind? Most definitely.