Friday, February 27, 2009

Turn to the Side

Ok, this assignment did not turn out as well as the first one.  The assignment was to take a head and shoulders portrait of a person.  They were to use natural lighting, get in close, zoom all the way in,  set up their shot while holding their cameras in the portrait orientation (you know, vertical), and shoot several photos.  Most of their photos look like mugshots.  That is my fault.  I forgot to tell them to have more fun with it, use props, position their subject, you know, add some personality. A couple had pretty decent and candid shots, but so far, several of them have promising futures working for the DMV taking driver's license pictures.  Next week's lesson has more promise and potential, I hope.

Oleander managed to capture a rare sighting of a sleeping Baby Wingnut.  Have I mentioned his sleep schedule is all whacky?
JP took a photo of his big sister just before leaving for Taekwando.  It's a little like a passport photo, but Karate Kid does look very pretty with a smile on her face.
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