Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Day Late and A Dollar Short

I should have blogged about the Super Bowl yesterday, but I was too lethargic to upload the photo of the cake Karate Kid and Special K made for the game.  When you read our party menu you'll see why I was feeling so lethargic.

So did you watch the game?  As Super Bowls go, it was a pretty good one and hard fought on both sides.  We didn't really have any preferences for a winner, but some of us felt a tad obligated to root for the Steelers, as they are Baby Wingnut's godfather's favorite team.  The "Godfather" sent me a photo of the Steeler defense to use as a screen saver on our computer. Um, "Godfather", that is just not going to happen.

We tried to avoid the commercials as much as possible, as we were allowing the children to watch the game, we did manage to see the hilarious Doritos ad with the "crystal ball".  I previewed the rest of the ads on Youtube yesterday and the children and I watched the clean ones online last evening.  The kids found the Troy Polamalu/Coke Zero ad especially worthy. There were a few other cute ones, but I'm beginning to wonder what all the hype about Super Bowl commercials is.  Were they ever really that special?

I had Karate Kid plan the menu for the game and she went with an American Southwest theme that included:
-7 layer dip (with spicy Mexican chorizo)
-Queso (with spicy Mexican chorizo)
-Chipotle lime dip served with Ruffles
-Nachos made with Doritos (some long abiding fantasy my kids have had)
-Double chocolate cake (pictured above)

Notice the distinct absence of anything resembling a vegetable or even fruit!  I didn't even think of it until bedtime when I could barely move my bod up the stairs to bed.  I'm having a coronary now, just thinking of all the cheese, sausage, chips, and sour cream on that menu!

We had a very nice family evening celebrating the Super Bowl.  Hopefully next year I'll pay a little closer attention to the menu and add a little crudite to balance it out ;-)
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