Thursday, February 12, 2009

High Five

What are your small successes this week?  Join the club at Faith and Family Live.

1). I compiled and organized five portfolios for our yearly homeschool review with the county.  I also supplied the county with a complete bibliography of books used by each child for each subject.  Usually my reviewer needs to write each bibliography out by hand, so this saved her some very valuable time, for which she was very grateful.

2). I packed a healthy and filling lunch for Wingnut every night this week before I went to bed.  

3). I wrote out skeleton lesson plans for the entire semester for the two classes I'm teaching in our homeschool co-op (astronomy for 3-5th graders and photography for 6th-8th graders). This is huge, as normally I am scrambling lesson materials together on Thursday nights for co-op on Friday morning.
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Walter said...

I ate two cinnamon rolls today, watched two episodes of MASH yesterday and filled the gas tank in my Honda!!!

momto5minnies said...

WOW, I would definitely high-five you! Getting all that paperwork and planning done is hard stuff. Good for you!

Mau said...

Oh my gosh, Walter, you are awesome. What would I do without a brother like you!