Thursday, February 26, 2009

It Was Bittersweet

I came across a partially eaten bar of bittersweet Lindt chocolate in the pantry.  It was not like that yesterday.  I questioned the children on the main level of the house as to whether they were the culprit or not.  They all denied pilfering the chocolate.  Upon further observance I realized the bar was torn into wildly.  My attention was turned full force unto my two youngest children.  Baby Wingnut still tells the truth when confronted, so his denial was plausible.  I decided to not even give Special K the chance to lie.  

I confronted her head on, "Why did you open this chocolate?" 

She immediately shrugged her guilty little shoulders.  

"K, what did we give up for Lent?" I asked. 

"Sweets," she sheepishly answered, "But I forgot."

Not even two whole days into Lent and she has forgotten her Lenten promise.  She cracks me up.  She'll never be accused of being "too holy" that one.
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Anonymous said...

which brother does this remind you of?

Love Dad

Walter said...

Tell Kitty Kat that Uncle Walter wouldn't have lasted an hour! She is as holy as me!!!