Thursday, February 19, 2009

Please Leave a Message

Baby Wingnut loves the answering machine.  He'll pull up a chair and playback old messages, but his favorite answering machine feature is the "leave a message" message.  We've had the same message on our machine for several years.  It was a cute one of one of the girls giving callers instructions and then at the end of it another one of the girls blurts out some indiscernible words that included "That's funny, mama!"

Baby Wingnut managed to erase our cute little message a few weeks ago and recorded one of his own.  The message lasted no less than three minutes and sounded like he had actually answered the phone and was carrying on a conversation with whoever had called.  He then proceeded to leave the machine and run about the house continuing to talk and sing in the background.  My sister was his first victim and was left quite confused, believing Wingnut was playing a joke on her.  I kept meaning to change the message but forgot and so several other callers were left stranded, trying to decipher the meaning of the babbling toddler.

Eventually I got around to changing the answering machine message.  I coached Baby Wingnut to say, "Please leave a message", and then proceeded to record his message.  At first he would just whisper, that would not do, so I coached him to say it loudly.  The message now has him practically screaming, "PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE!"  I thought that was pretty cute, so I saved it.  

Wingnut was on a trip this last week and called home.  After hearing the recording for the first time, he got me on my cell and expressed his concern that CPS may be visiting our home, as it sounds as if Baby Wingnut is being abducted.  It can't be all that bad.  Folks are getting the machine, laughing nervously and leaving their messages.  I think I'll keep it for a while.  It'll keep 'em guessing.
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Tonya said...

I might just have to call to hear that. Of course, then you can't answer the phone until I've heard the message! :-)