Monday, February 16, 2009

He's da Bomb

One of the best things about having young children is the funny things they say.

Their misunderstandings can be cute, as in the following:

Wingnut was watching Turner Classic Movies.  Special K walked in and looked intrigued by the scene.  Wingnut explained the characters were searching for the Abominable Snowman.  I mentioned that I didn't think she knew what the Abominable Snowman was.  Special K pipes up, "Of course I know what he is.  He's a snowman that blows up.   You know the a-BOMB-able Snowman."

Their unfiltered comments can be downright mortifying:

Wingnut's father lost part of his right hand in a training accident when he was in the army.  We wears a unique device on his hand that we all refer to as his "hook" to assist him in grasping things. Our children have had varying degrees of interest in Grandpa's hand ranging from complete obliviousness to downright morbid fascination.  Grandpa turned 70 this week and we were all wishing  him a happy birthday during a phone call.  Special K got her turn and very boldly proclaimed, "Happy birthday Captain Hook!" 

Or the things they say can remind you they really are smarter than you:

You know how toddlers can be little parrots and will imitate most anything you say?  Wingnut thought it would be funny to teach Baby Wingnut to parrot a little German.  He wanted Baby Wingnut to repeat "Ich bien ein fart-fart" (don't ask, it really was funny at the time).  

"Say Ich bien", he coached Baby Wingnut.

"No, I not Ick Ben.  I Ben!"

How can you not love having kids?  They keep you on your toes and keep you laughing.
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matthew archbold said...

really cute. thanks for sharing.

Tonya said...

I love the Captain Hook comment! How did your father-in-law take it? :-)