Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gift from the Heart. . . Er, I Mean Stomach

I was taking a quick little cat nap on the couch only to have it interrupted by my sweet, little, two year old.

"You sleep, mama? You want some brekfass(breakfast)?"

"Uh, sure honey.  What are you going to make for me?"

Sweet, little, two year old runs into the kitchen, talking to himself, pulls a chair up to the pantry, climbs on to said chair, rummages around for a few seconds, climbs down from the chair, runs to kitchen drawer, opens kitchen drawer and grabs a spoon, and runs into the living room with "brekfass".

This is what he brought for me. . .  

Mama is not a big fan of Nutella.  Funny; sweet, little, two year old is. Print Friendly and PDF


Tonya said...

B is so funny! Abi

Walter said...

That Benny is a smart little man!!! Work old mommy to get all the Nutella you want!

Sam said...

A NAP??? R u pregnant? +JMJ+

Mau said...

No, not pregnant, just not sleeping well at night. :-(