Wednesday, March 19, 2014

When There are No Miracles

When I became a Catholic 19 years ago, this coming Triduum, I had no idea what a small, interconnected world I had become a part of.  It's a beautiful thing to be included in this tight knit community.   

I was a particular witness to this interconnectedness yesterday through a terrible tragedy.  Two young daughters of a professor at Wyoming Catholic College were critically injured in a car accident and quickly life flighted to a hospital in Salt Lake City.  I had three different friends on Facebook, connected to the girls' family in different ways reach out asking for immediate prayers for the girls.  Although I did not know this family personally,  I prayed and waited throughout the day, along with countless others. Unfortunately, despite the many, many prayers, both girls passed away in their parents' arms.  

Sadly, we didn't see any miracles yesterday.  What do we do when we don't have miracles?  An integral piece of our Catholic interconnectedness is to grieve with each other and to pray together; even if separated by miles and even if we don't know each other personally.  Today I grieve for the loss of the two beautiful little girls, Emma and Olivia. Today I pray for their parents Becca and Sean, for their remaining sister, and for all who cherished these precious little souls.   

Today we mourn together.  Tomorrow we look forward in hope to the resurrection and the eternal joy we hope to share.

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Beautifully said!