Thursday, March 6, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dear Oleander!

She may not read this today, but one of the reasons I do keep blogging is so when she is home she can read about everything we've been up to.  I know she will read this post eventually.

17 Things to Love About Oleander

1. Her active pursuit of holiness.  None of the rest of our family are as proactive as she is.  She is an example for all of us.

2. Her joy. She has really been through many sufferings and trials in the last 4 years and you would never know it.

3. Her smile.  It is warm and beautiful.

4. Her laugh. It is quick and infectious.

5. Her adaptability.  She has had curve balls thrown from every direction and she manages to adapt and change as needed with very little effort.

6. Her courage.  She amazes me.

7. Her generosity.  She is so thoughtful and gives everything she can.

8. Her impeccable memory. She is our go to brainiac when it comes to remembering crazy, minute details.

9. Her enthusiasm for trying new things.

10. Her patience.  This goes hand in hand with her adaptability and her generosity.

11. Her sense of humor.  She is like her father in this regard.

12. Her special, individual quirks.  Most notably, her love for having her hair pulled so tightly into a ponytail.  She was even like that as a toddler.  If her pony tail wasn't tight enough, she let everyone know.

13. Her emerging ability to cook.  She is getting more and more creative and competent in the kitchen.

14. Her steadfastness.  Very little shakes her fortitude.

15. Her devotion to family.

16. Her devotion to God.

17. Her individuality. God is so amazing in His creation.  It never ceases to surprise us how differently He has created each of our children and the unique talents each possess.

Hoping she has a most happy and blessed birthday.

Ollie and Ollie (Great Grandma)

That infectious laugh

Her beautiful smile
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Our Family said...

Happy belated Birthday! Miss you!