Friday, March 7, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} March 7

round button chicken

Another reason I have been remiss in posting here is I've joined 365 Project.  It's a photo diary of sorts, meant to help photographers of all skill and experience levels improve their art.  Some days I have a really tough time finding something to photograph, especially when we get busy, but so far I've only missed one day.  I am already seeing improvement in not only technique, but learning to use manual settings correctly.  Some of the other photographers I follow are absolutely amazing and inspirational.


Lil' Lamb and I took lunch up to the skiers one afternoon.  On our way back down, the winds really picked up on the mountain and I was able to capture the snow blowing off the mountain.  Unfortunately, it was a very gray day and there wasn't enough contrast between the sky and the blowing snow until I processed the photo as black and white.


Special K has been learning about electricity in science and has really enjoyed the experiments we've been doing with the electronics kit.


I did not take this photo, but I love it and decided to use it because of the story surrounding it.  Our very dear family friends surprised Oleander for her birthday yesterday.  They took her to lunch and then they had a gorgeous cake at the Aspirancy with the rest of the Aspirants.  Ollie wanted to mimic her father's favorite photo ruining facial expression.  She's pretty close, but not quite. 


On busy days, I find my only available photo subject is food.  Maybe I'm meant to be a food photographer?  This the beautiful and nutritious kale, garlic, and leeks I sautéed to add to our Ash Wednesday vegetarian Greek white bean soup.

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Natalie said...

Lovely pictures. You should try doing the #holylens on Instagram. I bet you would really like it. I also just joined the Fresh 20 healthy meal planning service. All fresh with no preservatives, recipes, grocery lists, estimated costs, and nutritional charts. I know some in your family have food allergies and I notice you like to eat healthy so I thought you would want to check it out. I decided to do it to save time, money, and to get healthier foods into my family. Hope you are having a good start into Lent. =)