Friday, March 14, 2014

Homeschool Language Review

We have tried a new language arts program this year and so far it is the best we have ever used.  Written by Jessie Bauer and part of the Well-Trained Mind series, First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind has been the language program I have always wanted for my children.  The lessons are diverse, with plenty of review, and cover not only all the parts of speech, but also poetry appreciation and memorization, summarization, letter writing, dictation,
etc. The lessons are fairly short, without a whole lot of writing or preparation, but do require nearly constant teacher-student interaction.  The devoted face time with my kiddos was what really drew me to the program to begin with.

Prior to using First Language Lessons, my kids just worked through the Seton Language workbooks and had very little to no teacher input from me, which I found inadequate, and completely lazy on my part. Our older children did wonderfully using Seton, which is a truly well done series, I have just been wanting more and I am sure my younger kids are benefiting from more discussion and teacher input.

This year I am using Level 2 with Wingnut Jr.  Nearly all of the lessons at this level are oral.  Special K is using Level 4.  Her book comes with the teaching manual and a workbook that she works from as we go through the lesson together.  Right now there are only 4 levels in the series.  I am desperately hoping the folks from The Well-Trained Mind continue the series for several more levels, otherwise, I have no idea what I will use for Special K next year that will satisfy!

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