Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I am sorry for the extended blog silence here of late.  We have had a lot of personal family stuff going on, and I am, of course, very preoccupied by it all.  With so much on my mind I am left with little time to think of anything else and so blogging definitely dwindles.

One of the things going on I will blog about is our Oleander is continuing to have health issues.  Her knee has flared up once again and she is suffering from insomnia and fatigue. Her orthopedist has no idea what is wrong with her knee.  They have found nothing wrong with it structurally.  This combination of symptoms and mystery has led us to believe she may be suffering from Post Lyme's Disease Syndrome.  If you recall, she was treated for Lyme's almost 2 years ago after having gastrointestinal problems for about 6 months.  We had her tested again this last week and the Lyme's test came back negative, as was expected and is typical with PTLDS.

Poor Oleander.  I'm not sure what this will mean for her.  The main stream medical community does not treat PTLDS, believing it will eventually resolve on its own.  Unfortunately, in researching the syndrome I have read horror story after horror story of long term health problems that require long term care and treatment.

We are researching alternative therapies and consulting others who have struggled with recovery after having Lyme's.  Crazy, we know of at least 5 other families who have had this same issue with Lyme's. Oleander will be home for several weeks during Easter, and we are going to try some herbal therapies that have been recommended by a naturopath. I did contact a Lyme's literate medical practice in Utah, but the initial visit and subsequent treatments are not covered by insurance and would run upwards of $1000.  Please pray for answers and healing for Ollie!

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