Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Playing the Oppression Card

So, the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case is all over my Facebook feed.  My liberal friends are decrying Hobby Lobby as oppressive, dictating how its employees must live, and holding their employees hostage.  It's really mind blowing.  When did America become like this?  When did Americans decide that whatever they want or need should be provided to them regardless of the cost; regardless of the religious beliefs of others?

One poster even claimed corporations should not be able to have religious or moral views of any kind.  Really?  Does she not get that every corporation makes all sorts of decisions based on some kind of ethical or moral standard.  Corporations are run by people and that is how people operate.  This decision making by CEOs goes both ways.  The CEO of Starbucks defended his decision to promote gay causes by saying, "It's a free country," and I agree with him. It is a free country, and corporations have just as much right to that freedom as individuals do, as long as their decisions and business practices remain within the law.

What is really freaky about this whole debate is the death grip these women have on contraception as being not only a right, but a right that should be paid for by their employer. If their employer won't provide it, their employer is an oppressive dictator holding their reproductive rights hostage.  It's downright creepy.

Don't be fooled, this case is important, not just for Hobby Lobby, but for all faith based companies and institutions that will be affected by the HHS Contraceptive Mandate.  This battle is not about contraception.  This battle is about religious freedom in America.  I believe it absolutely has the potential to bring down religious freedom in a domino effect.  Beware, there is a lot of false information going around about Hobby Lobby.  If you find yourself in a debate with a Hobby Lobby opponent, be sure to read this linked article that gives five misperceptions about the Hobby Lobby Case.

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