Thursday, March 13, 2014

{P,H,F,R} March 13--Instagram

round button chicken


Found this selfie on my iPhone.  She is becoming such a beautiful young lady, in every way.  Silly, too.


As in, I'm happy to get cuddles from my very active toddler.  He is just too busy to snuggle up anymore.  When I asked him to come cuddle with me, he begrudgingly replied, "Fine."


This little guy is such a crack up.  He didn't want to come say prayers with us to start the school day.  Instead he stomped away declaring, "Me 'tand in da torner!"


Wingnut Jr. is a real smarty.  He's only 7, but has been cruising through a 3rd grade math book all year.  Some days, especially the days just after a time change, math can be tough for such a little guy.

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