Friday, March 21, 2014

As if I Needed More Stress in My Life

We are busily getting the house prepared for an influx visitors and special celebrations. Wingnut Jr. Is receiving his First Holy Communion in early May and his entire god-family is coming from Maryland. We are hosting the party here for Wingnut Jr. And his special buddy.  In June, Skoshi A will be confirmed and there will be a party for her as well. Later in June we have more very dear friends, also from Maryland, coming for a visit. It's shaping up to be an extremely busy spring.

We have been patching walls and painting and deep cleaning as part of our preparations. Last weekend, Wingnut and I were working on moving and rehanging curtains in our living room, when he pulled our couch away from the wall and noticed water damage on our one year old wood floors. I called our flooring guy out to have a look and he found extensive water damage on the wood floors, all along the front exterior facing walls. The damage was caused by ice damming on our peaked roof melting and then leaking between the interior and exterior walls.  The seepage caused cracking in our exterior stucco walls, water damage to interior walls, mold growth, and warped wood floors in two rooms. Yay!

Thankfully we have an awesome insurance company and our wood flooring guy put us in touch with an awesome disaster recovery contractor that can do all the needed demo, drying, cleaning, and repairs. They are here today cutting up our walls, tearing up the floors, and setting up heaters and dryers.  

We haven't been given a time table, but the mold scrub, drying, wall patch and repainting, stucco removal and restoration, floor replacement, sanding and finishing all need to be completed in less than six weeks! Yay!
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Natalie said...

Prayers it gets done before all your big plans! =)

pavithra said...
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americacleaner said...

america cleaners patching walls and painting and deep cleaning as part of our preparations.