Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Out with the Old, In with the New, or so I Thought.

I took a very excited Lil' Wingnut to the shoe store the other day to buy new tennis and dress shoes. He took his time and was very particular in his choice of tennis shoes. In the end he chose a super cool pair of Sketcher Luminators that, thankfully, were on sale. He tore about the store, showing me how fast they were and how wonderfully they lit up. As we waited to pay, I mentioned we needed to throw away his old, too small, worn out, and stinky sandals. He immediately burst into tears and declared he hated his new tennis shoes.

This attitude toward his new shoes lasted the entire day. At one point, as we took one of his sister's to ballet, he enumerated his disdain for the new shoes:

"Number 1) I hate these new shoes. Number 2) These new shoes are so stupid. Number 3) My sandals are not too small for me. Number 4) You cannot take away my old shoes and throw them away. Number 5) You cannot take my old shoes away from me!"

All I could do was laugh, realizing the numbering of reasons in an explanation is something I very frequently employ, myself.

Later the same evening, as we went to pick up another sister from ballet, Lil' Wingnut exclaimed excitedly, "Wow, they really do glow in the dark! I love these new shoes!"
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Natalie said...

He's so funny! and his reasoning is great. lol

Katie said...

That is so cute!

Walt said...

Hey Mau,

Number 1: never underestimate the power of glow in the dark technology; Number 2: boys like stinky; Number 3: you pulled a bait n switch on Lil made him run in those shoes and experience attachment to those shoes and then violently ripped his sandals from his life...traumatic for the little guy...almost makes me want to cry!; Number 4: did I say boys like stinky???

Love ya Mau!