Friday, September 3, 2010

Million Dollar Idea

Our kids are hooked on "Silly Bandz". Why can't I come up with a million dollar idea like this? Sheesh, I'm envious of other's creativity, especially if it has the potential to make a boat load of money. I've known about the craze for a some time, but somehow it missed the kiddos until our teens brought some back from retreat this summer. Now I have them all over the house. What a racket.

It's actually quite sweet how they have met and made new friends just by virtue of having bandz to trade. Our lil' guy, always a friendly one, offers his to every little boy he sees. I've even heard there are Christian symbol themed bandz. What a wonderful and simple way to evangelize. Once again, I didn't think of it. Drats.

Our two youngest had a couple dollars to burn recently. The great thing about Silly Bandz is they are pretty inexpensive and ubiquitous. Special K picked out some girly fairy tale bandz, while Lil' Wingnut went for the western bandz (that particular package contained a gun, go figure). In the car on the way home the two decided to trade with each other. Somehow, Lil' Wingnut ended up with a pink fairy and a purple mermaid. I'm glad he's confident in his manhood.

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Sophie Miriam said...

A friend I have who goes to DeMatha tells a story about two high school boys fighting "like little girls" over a white unicorn that one borrowed from the other and then lost.

Maurisa said...

Ha ha ha, Sophie! Sounds like my two boys as they fought over a pink poodle. To be fair to Stat Boy, he was participating more in the fight to just torture his little brother than to get the band back.

Party of Nine said...

It's been a crazy silly bandz summer for us ranging in age from almost 13 down to almost 2 :)

Sarah Oldham said...

It's a thing in HI, too, recently. Rachel said a friend gave her a dragon and everyone wanted it. She acquired a second one and traded or gave it to Connor. Hmmm. I won't go nuts trying to find them but if I see them I might get a few packages.