Monday, September 13, 2010

The Never Ending Question Answered

I whole heartedly loath the "What's for dinner?" question. I'm asked that question at least 8 times a day, and there are only 8 of us, so that means someone asks that question more than once every mother lovin' day.

I whole heartedly despise that I loath that question so much. It's a basic no-harm-no-foul question. People want to know what's for dinner, and yet that question can send me over the edge.

I have saved my sanity, and salvaged some semblance of charity toward my family. The write-on board on the fridge posts dinner each night. The rotten teens still ask the question, but I know they are just riding me, and I'm fine with that. I can ignore the question and not even direct them to the fridge, because I am sure they have already read the ding-danged board.
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Party of Nine said...

Love that idea. And I definitely have to start saying ding-danged more often.

Katie said...

That's a great idea . . . I picked up my mom's response and say "food"!