Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Even a Perfectionist Can Have Cake Wrecks

I was developing this recipe for a Lemon Poppy Seed Bundt Cake and I'm not sure what went wrong. I sprayed the heck out of the pan. It was still delicious. Print Friendly and PDF


Katie said...

So sorry . . . I have had that happen more than once too!

Walt said...

Hey Mau,

Taking this bundt cake debacle into its proper context...you have thrilled many more tastbuds than you have destroyed cakes. Keep your chin up and your spatula handy!!!

Love ya Mau!


Dawn said...

I have that pan..what kind of spray did you use? I usually use bakers joy and have no problem..try the wilton cake release..it's not a spray but it works like a charm.

Maurisa said...

Dawn, I use a Misto sprayer that I fill with my own oil. The commercial sprays contain chemicals that one of our children is sensitive to. Usually I don't have trouble with cakes not releasing. My next attempt at this recipe, I will likely use a bit of a flour dust to help with the release.